V Rising: How To Create A Clan And Join Friends

Every creature in V Rising’s dark and terrifying world is fighting for survival which is why it’s a good idea to create a clan and join friends.

V Rising, like a good online multiplayer game, provides us with several social options for the gaming community that allow us to enjoy the game with other players. In this instance, we can even form a clan (or join one that already exists) and invite our friends to join.

The game takes place in Vardoran’s open environment, which is continually changing. Vampires are among the most powerful predators among the hostile factions. Players take on the role of one of these savage beasts in V Rising.

Although V Rising can be enjoyed without difficulty on its alone, the truth is that playing with other people can substantially boost the level of enjoyment. Not only that but being a member of a clan grants you access to certain benefits.

This guide will show you how to create a clan in V Rising and how to invite friends.

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V Rising Clans

A clan can have a maximum of four members when it is created. It’s worth noting that joining a clan is completely free. A clan that has been created can only exist on one server and cannot be transferred to another.

Having a clan in V Rising has several advantages, including:Connection to other clan members’ castles is seamless.The clan members can be found on the global map.During the fighting, clan members cannot harm one other.Clans gain access to particular equipment and resources.

How to Create a Clan

Follow the steps below to start creating your clan:

Open or launch V Rising.Click on the clan menu.Go to the “Create a clan” option.Set your clan name.Write your clan aim or purpose message.Click the “Create clan” button.Congratulations, your clan has been created successfully.

How to Invite Your Friends

Follow the steps below to invite your friends into your clan:

Click on the clan menu.Click on the “Invite Button”.Add your friend’s name and send the invitation.Your friend will become part of your clan once they accept your invitation.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to creating and joining clans. Now off you go to create your clans and invite your friends.

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