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Victor Wembanyama Nickname: Why is NBA draft prospect called Wemby

The NBA Draft lottery is happening tonight. The league has been holding its breath to find out who will land this year’s top prospect, Victor Wembanyama. The French sensation is expected to be a talent like none other. While we have seen many top prospects have fizzled out into oblivion, rarely anyone hyped as much as the 19-year-old. Of course, any such talent is always given a catchy nickname, especially when it pertains to the NBA. The league loves its nicknames. Perhaps that is why they chose to call the anticipated Overall First Pick ‘Wemby.’

Tonight is the night the future of a team might potentially change. One of the 14 teams who missed the playoffs will likely land a player who is, in all fairness, more anticipated than even LeBron James.

Basically, every scout, analyst, player, and even the league itself considers the 7ft 3″ French star a franchise’s future-altering athlete. But contrary to his image, his nickname is far more laid back. Wemby is much more approachable for fans than the Chosen One.

Why is Victor Wembanyama called Wemby?

Nicknames have been an integral part of the NBA culture. Fans, Analysts, and Journalists have bestowed upon the most popular players names that make them more approachable.

Kobe Bryant was called the Black Mamba, it reflected his winning instinct. Shaquille O’Neal is perpetually known as Shaq, the name evokes a larger-than-life figure, both literally and figuratively.

But that’s not the case with Wemby, At first, he was called the unicorn, like Kristaps Porzingis. But that name didn’t stick. Later, he was even called the Alien, with even LeBron James joining the trope. That didn’t stick either.

Finally, NBA found the perfect nickname for the French 7-footer, Wemby. Per French Iceberg, the league gave him the nickname Wemby after a tour in Las Vegas. The name resonated with Wembanyama so much that he quickly changed his Instagram name for it.

The 2023 NBA Draft Lottery presented by State Farm will be held tomorrow night in Chicago.

Below is the list of team representatives who will be on stage

— NBA Communications (@NBAPR) May 15, 2023

Who can land Wemby?

As things stand, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, and Detroit Pistons have the best chance of landing Victor. According to ABC, all of them have a 14% chance of landing the 7ft 3″ athlete. After all, all three have suffered incessantly and are in dire need of a change in their status quo.

Wembanyama’s addition would give these teams the boost they require. With the hype around him and his projected value, this might just be the most valuable first Draft pick in history.

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