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Wild World of Fighting: Jon Jones' Mugshot, Merab Dvalishvili Does Construction, & More

Casuals and hardcores, fans and super fans, welcome back to the Wild World of Fighting, a series so delectable, it could easily replace Tiramisu Tuesday on Tony Ferguson’s calendar.

This week, we get our hands dirty with another awkward Jon Anik moment, some brave Jon Jones fans, and more. So pack your bags, because you’re heading for the Wild World of Fighting.

Jon Anik Does It Again

Do you remember the time that Jon Anik, seemingly unprovoked, decided to bring up the fact that two fighters that were facing each other, were also fighting custody battles in court? Well, the UFC’s lead play-by-play man was back at it again, with another odd moment on the microphone.

Following Amanda Nunes defending her bantamweight title and retiring at UFC 289, the rarely faltering Anik made a comment to reveal some personal information about Nunes and her wife, as well as their forthcoming second child. Take a listen.

jon anik 🙈

— Dovy🔌 (@DovySimuMMA) June 12, 2023

It is not exactly clear what made Anik bring up this rather personal fact on a live broadcast, but clearly he meant no harm. Even someone as professional of a broadcaster as he is can say some pretty wild things from time to time.

The Wrong Beneil Dariush

Mistaken identity is one of the worst things that can happen to you in any world, but especially in the Wild World of Fighting . Just ask the other Jon Jones, who is always on the receiving end of nasty tweets from people who can’t be bothered to make sure they are tweeting at the right person.

Well, it turns out that there is another Beneil Dariush out there, who was on the receiving end of his own missent message. Prior to Dariush’s showdown with Charles Oliveira at UFC 289, this poor other Beneil opened his inbox to be met with a message that likely confused him.

via Facebook – Chris Aldridge

Unfortunately this message would turn out to be correct, as Oliveira would finish Dariush in the first round. Hopefully this other guy wasn’t bombarded with a ton of messages.

Jon Jones Haunted By His Past

While some consider him to be the pound-for-pound greatest fighter of all time, Jon Jones has certainly had a troublesome past. Aside from his controversial history with performance enhancing drugs, the light heavyweight turned heavyweight champion has also been arrested a handful of times.

Some fans decided that they were going to remind Jones of that second fact, while taking pictures with him at a meet and greet event. Here, two gentlemen were seen donning shirts that had Jon’s famous mugshot on them, obviously trying to goad a reaction from the champ.

Ballsy move by these lads 🤣

— Chamatkar Sandhu (@SandhuMMA) June 12, 2023

Your mileage may vary on whether or not you find this to be a funny prank. That said, Jones took it in stride, even throwing up a thumbs down to disavow this behavior.

Merab The Builder

We have seen on multiple occasions, fighters who are in the UFC but are still working second jobs to make ends meet. That might not be the case for Merab Dvalishvili, but he’s certainly trying his hand at other fields of work.

Depending posted a video to his Instagram, where he was seen rejoining the workforce by helping a construction crew tear down a wall. However, he did in the way only a UFC fighter would; by kicking multiple holes in it.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Merab Dvalishvili (@merab.dvalishvili)

It is hard to argue with the effectiveness of this technique, as he had the wall halfway demolished in a matter of seconds. Maybe Merab Dvalishvili should change his nickname to “The Bulldozer.”

Good Boys Do Jiu-Jitsu

Gym dogs are not an uncommon thing to see in MMA gyms, with fighters bringing their trusty pets to workout with them and give extra motivation. In fact, we even saw Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold end their bitter feud over Rockhold’s dog.

However, sometimes that extra motivation is needed in competition too, which was the case when one Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor brought his dog to a meet. Unfortunately, the dog wanted to help it’s owner, and had to be pulled off the mats.

Good boy gets kicked out of jiu jitsu tournament for protecting owner during match

— B&S (@_B___S) June 14, 2023

Honestly, I see nothing wrong with the dog jumping in on this BJJ match. After all, what good is grappling ability, if you can’t also take out your opponent’s best friend?

That’s right friends, this week’s Wild World of Fighting is actually ending on a wholesome note. Return next week, when it will almost certainly not happen again.

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