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Yasiel Puig Denies Instigating Viral Brawl in Venezuelan Winter League

Yasiel Puig is tired of the narrative. 

The former MLB star, who is currently playing in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, went viral on the internet after he was involved in a massive brawl during the second game of the winter league finals between his Tiburones de La Guaira squad and Cardenales de Lara. 

One of Puig’s teammates, Maikel Garcia, seemed to overly celebrate his clutch, eighth-inning home run, to the chagrin of Cardenales catcher Carlos Narvaez, who exchanged words with Tiburones players, resulting in some pushing and shoving. 

But a huge fracas occurred after Puig, who appeared to be attempting to de-escalate the melee, was shoved and punched by a Cardenales player. Amid some backlash from the media, Puig took to his account on X, formerly Twitter, to set the record straight on the fight. 

Thanks you sir. I no know what to do anymore- I do nothing, I keep everyone calm and from nowhere I get hit in head. But my agent shows all videos and yet I see now what they show back in USA somehow is me starting fight which is not true. I play today, i no get punished because…

— Yasiel Puig (@YasielPuig) January 26, 2024

Puig, who says he tried to “keep everyone calm,” is not happy with media coverage of the fight, which has painted him out to be the bad guy. Puig’s agent, Lisette Carnet, supported the notion that her client was being a peacemaker.

A lo claro, claro. @YasielPuig mientras trataba de apagar los fuegos y haciendo paz- como hemos hablado en varios momentos que haría si llegara la circunstancia en un juego- viene el jugador del otro equipo a empujarlo y claramente darle un golpe de traición a Yasiel.

— MLB Player Agent Lisette Carnet (@lisettecarnet) January 25, 2024

No one knows what’s being said in footage of the brawl, but it sure does seem like Puig was attempting to keep the peace—and was then socked by a Cardenales player. 

Unfortunately, fair or not, Puig, who last played in MLB in 2019, doesn’t often get the benefit of the doubt due to past troubles on and off the field. 

A former All-Star with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Puig is currently sporting a .418/.518/.846 slash line with 10 home runs, 24 runs scored and 23 RBI in 26 games played for Tiburones. 

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